The Vision

Banni Adam means the children of Adam, derived from the famous poem by Persian poet Saadi. 

I started Banni Adam in the midsts of the Iran protests, sitting comfortable across the world feeling helpless. The sanctions against Iran, are sanctions against the people, as the poorest are those who suffer the most. 

The sanctions create an environment where those without the means lose access to basic medicines, and often times basic food products such as milk, bread, meat and fruit. All due to price hikes and inflation caused by the strict sanctions against the Iranian people. 

100% of profits made from Banni Adam sales are donated to worthy causes in Iran. for luxuries that we may not consider to be 'luxuries'. The money raised will help buy books and school supplies for children in need, it will help support struggling families and much more. 

The long term goal of Banni Adam is to open a free clinic providing free care and a safe space to those in need.